The Stackable, Foldable, Serviceable, Alternative Port-a-John




The P-Pod is a reimagined version of the traditional porta-potty, collapsible to 36” high, that can be stowed easily into the back of a small pickup truck or a standard minivan. For industry uses, you can store three times the number of units in the same space. And, it’s portability and ease of cleanout make it ideal for military and disaster relief applications.


Our modern, patented design will change the way you think about port-a-johns.

  • Wide door openings
  • Spring assisted door hinge for easy opening and closing
  • Standard port-a-john footprint, size, and weight 

Customizable and easy to service.

  • Breathable and easily cleanable fabric back allows for custom colour or printed graphics
  • Interchangeable waste vessel, available in several sizes and in both sealable and non-sealable versions, is easily accessible through the back


Collapsible Design



Industry-Changing Collapsible Design

  • Nesting base allows you to store and stack 3 units in the same space as 1 conventional port-a-john
  • Your current truck that holds 10 conventional port-a-johns can now transport 30 P-Pod units, saving you money and time
  • Fits in standard box trucks and toilet trailers

Stackable design allows for more secure indoor storage

  • Clean environment free of rodents, insects, dust and dirt
  • Reduced exposure to elements dramatically increases units' lifespan
  • Safe from vandalism
  • A 40’x100’x18’ structure can hold up to 600 units


Military and Disaster Relief


A New Option for a New Military and Disaster Relief

No more digging latrines! The P-Pod is working on biodegradable waste vessels that solidify and break down waste to allow disposal in an environmentally-friendly manner. Its compact size and ease-of-deployment make it a go anywhere field latrine.

With its compact size and interchangeable tanks, disaster relief areas can have three times the number of units on the ground where they’re needed. The sealable, removable tanks allow service to be done without a vacuum truck - a big advantage when every minute counts. 

Consumer Models


From Campground to Tailgate Party, P-Pod’s Ready

  • Bumper hauler model allows for easy transportation to sporting events, camp grounds, tailgate parties, or job sites. Your customer rents, uses, and returns
  • Customizable colours and custom-printed graphics make the P-Pod ideal for resale to die-hard sports fans and campers alike
  • Sealable, removable waste tank means no-mess transport and easy, RV-style clean-out. Leave the RV at home and just bring the restroom!

Want to Know More?

The P-Pod goes into production in summer 2016. For information on preordering, or for any additional questions, please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to assist you.

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